Postnatal Refresher

This is a theory based e-learning course, designed for experienced midwives who wish to update their understanding and knowledge with the latest evidence based research.

This courses commences with a look at the history of postnatal practices and the impacts on maternity care following World War I and World War II. From here, we review changing trends in relation to postnatal care in the first hour, breastfeeding, and increased awareness of mental health.

In Module 2, our focus turns to the woman and how midwives should care/support her during the postnatal period.

Module 3 discusses postnatal contraception and how to assess postnatal mood and perinatal mental health and wellbeing.

The importance of breastfeeding support and guidance is explained in Module 4, along with some examples of complex postnatal care.

In Module 5, we focus on the neonate's transition to extrauterine life, including initiation of respiration through to examination of the newborn. 

To finish this refresher course, Module 6 provides a brief overview of ongoing postnatal care for the newborn, such as the Neonatal Screening Test, Newborn Hearing Test and safe infant sleeping.