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Birth as a spiritual experience

We will be examining what and how the Human Energy System plays a role in the birth journey and how the Birth Environment can influence its activation.

Aims of the webinar:

  1. To draw attention to the importance of the energetic system in pregnancy and birth that can play a profound role in optimal maternal outcomes.
  2. To understand how the physical body is informed by the subtle bodies for birth and how the birth environment has an influence.

Birth in Theatre

During this webinar, Cathy will take you through her experiences of women birthing in theatre, and look at how theatre staff attempt to help women have as normal a birthing experience as possible, in what is typically thought of as an emergency or medical setting. The key discussion points throughout this webinar will include theatres and the midwife - the odd couple?, reflection on how we got to birth in theatre, a review of relevant standards, a look at expectations and reality and understanding best practice in birth in theatre.

Multiple births

As a midwife, the likelihood of you working with a woman having multiples is quite high. By attending this informative webinar, you will have the opportunity to:

  • gain greater understanding of antenatal care for mothers of multiples, including the variances in care depending on the type of multiple pregnancy,
  • learn how to individualise your care, and work with families to put adequate support networks in place during the antenatal period, and
  • discover the unique issues of multiples, as ‘Twins are like snowflakes, no two are the same.’

Gentle Myofascial Therapy

This Webinar looks at:

  • The indications that are best helped by using Gentle Myofascial Therapy including; lower back, pelvic pain in pregnancy and labour, sacroiliac discomfort, symphysis Pubis discomfort, anxiety, indigestion, Constipation, Lymphoedema, gestational carpal tunnel, mastitis (including self-help for mum), colic, sleep settle and relaxation.
  • How would a Midwife use Gentle Myofascial Therapy in their practice
  • How is it possible to have fast effective results with very gentle pressure only
  • When should Gentle Myofascial Therapy not be used/ Contraindications

Group B Streptococcus

At the end of the webinar participants will have an understanding of:

  • Key terms associated with GBS colonisation and Early Onset GBS Disease (EOGBSD)
  • Global incidence of EOGBSD
  • National and International approaches to screening for GBS
  • Recommended antibiotic protocols
  • The evidence around intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis (IAP), chlorhexidine douche- 2 integrative literature searches will be discussed
  • The antenatal microbiome-are we doing more harm than good?

Preventing Pre-Term Birth

This presentation includes evidence-based information and discussion regarding:

• Causes of pre-term birth

• Prevention of pre-term birth

• Current management of pre-term labour/birth

Vaginal Birth after Cesarean

In this webinar you will learn from Tessa Kowaliw, VBAC mama and consumer advocate about:

  • the ‘every woman VBAC journey’ and how to be an effective guide
  • gain insight into VBAC from the woman’s perspective
  • gather practical tips on how to work within system frameworks and existing networks to provide meaningful VBAC support for birthing women
  • hear about the current macro level ‘VBAC Scene’ and how you can contribute to broad scale change

Vaginal Breech Birth

As the practice of vaginal breech births has been slowly regaining support within our communities, now is the time to find out how you can best prepare both yourself and the woman for a safe and successful outcome.

The webinar is facilitated by Dr Andrew Bisits, Dr Anke Reitter and Karol Petrovska. 

The presentation includes the latest evidence-based information and discussion regarding: Managing the unexpected vaginal breech birth, Recognition of Breech presentation, Midwives roles, Caring for the woman, Working together for the best outcome, Planned vaginal breech births, Preparing the woman, Managing the birth, Postnatal considerations.

Water, Labour and Birth

The Australian College of Midwives presents a web-based seminar designed to inform midwives about water, labour and birth.   The webinar is facilitated by Sue Kruske, Professor in Midwifery.

Perineal care in Childbirth

This Webinar looks at: 

  • Anatomy review
  • Care and preparation during pregnancy
  • Considerations for labour and birth
  • Evidence based assessment and repair
  • Postnatal care and healing