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Global Maternal Mortality

This Webinar will help you to: 

  • Understand the burden of maternal mortality in low resource settings
  • Understand the key causes of maternal mortality in low resource settings
  • Understand the three-delays model for improving maternal outcomes
  • Understand the different types of research that contribute to improved quality of maternity care 

Jeremy Chin is a Senior Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Monash Health. He has a strong interest in maternal health in low resource settings.

Grief and Loss in Maternity Care

This Webinar highlights:

  • The significance of grief and loss in maternity care
  • Gap in midwives training
  • How past theories of grief impact practice
  • Current theories of grief – more humane approach
  • Understanding normal reactions to loss
  • Inspiring stories from pioneer women

Vasa Praevia

This Presentation answers questions such as:

  • What is vasa praevia? 
  • What are the risk factors and how can it be diagnosed? 
  • What is the appropriate clinical management for a pregnancy affected by vasa praevia? 
  • What is the experience like for women who have vasa praevia and why is it even more important that they have a trusted known midwife with them throughout their pregnancy and birth?

Reducing the incidence of stillbirth

Midwives should provide women with sufficient and accurate information to enable them to be have freedom to be self-determinant and autonomous when making choices in relation to their care. This type of care ensures women are informed and given every opportunity to be advocates of their own experience with the knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions 

The presentation includes:

  • Why raising and discussing the possibility of stillbirth is important in pregnancy
  • A method for sensitively raising and discussing the possibility of stillbirth with pregnant women